General Information

The All Girls Math Online Tournament is a multi-round MATHCOUNTS-style individual math competition for girls of grades 3 to 8 all over the world. This online tournament is separate from the All Girls Math Tournament (AGMT), an on-site (online this year) competition with many satellite locations, but has the same ideals and goals. You can find out more about the AGMT competitions here.


  • First round: October 2-8, 2022
  • Second round: October 16-22, 2022
  • Third round: October 30-November 5, 2022

Contest Information

  • The competition will consist of three separate rounds, in which participants will be selected to compete in the next round. Each round consists of two parts: a sprint section and a target section.
  • The first round will include a sprint section with 30 questions to be solved in 40 minutes, and a target section with 8 questions to be solved in 24 minutes. The top 50% of the participants will be able to move on to the second round.
  • The second round will include a sprint section with 20 questions to be solved in 30 minutes, and a target section with 6 questions to be solved in 20 minutes. Again, the top 50% of the participants will be able to move on to the third round.
  • The third round will include a sprint section with 10 questions to be solved in 30 minutes, and a target section with 4 questions to be solved in 12 minutes. This is the final round.

Rules and Scoring

  1. Four-function calculators (ones which can only perform the four basic operations) are allowed. Other computational devices, including scientific, programmable, and graphing calculators, are not allowed. All problems are solvable without a calculator.
  2. Graph paper, rulers, compasses, and protractors are allowed. Other devices, such as online graphing tools, are prohibited. Not all figures will be drawn to scale.
  3. Participants may not communicate with one another or ask anyone anything pertaining to the questions on the tests. Consulting any outside or online sources while participating in the contest is also prohibited.
  4. Scores will be weighted based on all three rounds of the competition; the first round will be weighted 20%, the second round 30%, and the third round 50%, to give a final overall score. Based on the final score, the top 50% will be listed on our Awards page here and the 10 highest scoring competitors will receive awards.

Registration and Submission

  • During the testing window, participants are allowed to choose when to take the test; however, they will not be allowed to take the test and submit their answers after the deadline has passed.
  • At the start of the testing window, the problems for the round will be uploaded on a password-protected page on our website. The problems can be downloaded at any time during the testing window. After the end of the testing window, they will be removed from the website.
  • Submissions will be made through a Google Form, which will be open during the testing window.
  • We will require advance registration in order to contact participants with the appropriate passwords for access to the competition problems.
  • In order to best simulate the conditions of the competition, all competitors are asked to print out the test problems and adhere to the time constraints indicated. No computer will be required until the student inputs the answers to the Google Form for submission.
  • Registration has closed for the 2022 tournament. We hope you join us next year!