Q: Is this tournament free?

A: Yes, the tournament is entirely free of cost.

Q: Can I participate if I live outside of the US?

A: Yes, definitely! The goal of the All Girls Math Online Tournament is to reach out to all girls who have access to technology and encourage them to build an interest in math.

Q: Will proctors be needed?

A: We do not require proctors for this examination; however, it would be best if a parent made sure that you are not cheating and that you are following our Honor Code.

Q: Do I have to register to participate?

A: Yes. After you register and before the testing window starts, we will send you an email containing the password to the test (which will be on our website). If you don’t register, you won’t get the password.

Q: What if I am in third grade but want to participate in the fourth grade test?

A: This is totally fine. However, when you register, write in the comments section which level test you want to take (you may take only one) if it is different from your actual grade. You can’t take a test from a lower grade level, though.

Q: Are boys allowed to participate?

A: No. The point of this tournament is to encourage girls to participate in math competitions. There are many other tournaments hosted by STEAM for All that give opportunities for boys to express their mathematical skill.

Q: Am I allowed to make up a round if I have missed the deadline?

A: No. Problems for that round will be taken off the website, and forms will not be taken, after the deadline.

Q: Do I need to register in teams?

A: No; teams are not necessary for this tournament as there are no team activities. Everything is individual.

Q: What determines who will move on in the rounds?

A: For each round, sprint round problems will be one point each and target round problems will be two points each. In the first round, scores will be calculated, and the top 50% will move on to the second round. For the second round, scores will be calculated with weights: the first round will be 40% of the overall score and the second round will be 60%. Again, the top 50% will move on to the second round. Similarly, the third round will be calculated with these weights: the first round is worth 20%, the second round is worth 30%, and the third round is worth 50% of the overall score. The top 50% in the third round will be listed on our website and the top 10 will receive awards.

Q: Can I register for both the All Girls Math Tournament and the All Girls Math Online Tournament?

A: Yes, you absolutely can! Efforts have even been made to ensure that the two tournaments’ dates do not coincide to let interested girls participate in both events. We encourage you to register for both (if you are able to) since in the All Girls Math Tournament you get to meet other girls who share your interest in math and work with them in a team, and in the All Girls Math Online Tournament you get a way to practice for math competitions from all over the world.